When uploading your recording to the VEO Cloud Service the left and right videos are stitched together to form a 180-degree panoramic picture. Then the detector is analyzing the action on-screen. This will then create the automatic video production that follows the ball and zooms and pans just like a camera operator would - but all created by a machine.

Before uploading
Before you can start uploading your recording you need to take out the SD-card from the cameras and mount them to the computer.

Network requirements
To ensure a safe and fast upload you should have an upload speed og minimum 5 Mbps.
To test your connection try this:

Install software

To start uploading the recordings, start by installing the VEO Upload app from Windows App Store. Its free and won't take long to download. After downloading the app make sure to install it.


In the VEO camera click out each camera, and take out the SD-cards out. You can then mount the SD-cards to your computer using the provided adapters.

Using the application

When the Uploader app is installed, double-click the icon to start the application.


To log in, use the credentials we provided you. Its a combination of email and password. If you forgot your password, you could create a new one on beta.veo.co.

Select recording

If you have attached the SD-cards to the computer, you should be able to see a left and right view of your recording. You have to check that left side is the left side of the pitch, and the right side is the right side of the pitch. If they are switched, you can flip them using the flip button.

If you have multiple recordings stored on your SD-card make sure to select the correct recording.

Adjust time

Now you can adjust the timing so you can get rid of the unnecessary bits in the beginning and the end. We recommend that you set your in-point as close to kick-off as possible, and the out-point closely after the match has ended.

Match Info

Here you can fill out all the information about your recording so you can find it later.

Fill out information about:

  • My Club: Hidden, since we know who you are
  • My team: Name of the team, i.e., Under-17
  • Opponent club: Name of the opponent club
  • Opponent team: Name of opponent team
  • Date: Select date of match 
  • Time: Select time of kick-off
  • Home/Away: Check whether you played home or away
  • Privacy: Select private or public. Note that private recordings can't be shared


Now it will upload the recording to the VEO AI Cloud Service. Make sure to keep uploading until you see the success page that says uploading has finished. 

Note that it might take a long time to upload, so don't keep starring the screen 🤓. You can leave the computer, and it will finish uploading.

When uploading has finished, accept up to 24 hours for our detectors to do its magic. We will inform you by email when the recording is ready to watch.

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