Before recording

External battery

The VEO camera holds an external battery. Always make sure to charge it using the provided charger. This gives you the ability to record up to 4 hours. Make sure that the battery is attached to the cameras with the black USB-cables. And as importantly remember to turn on the battery by pressing the button on the side of the battery. This activates the battery and at the same time turns on the battery level indicator.

Cameras - SD-Cards

Each action cameras holds a 64 Gb SD-card. The SD-cards are essentially where your recordings are stored. To maximise the available recording time remember to format each SD-card before recording. You do that by pressing Settings Icon > Settings Icon > SD Card > Format.

If the SD-cards still holds recordings make sure that they are uploaded before formatting.

Cameras - Metering

The setting that determines the level of light is called "Metering". The best available setting for that is "Average". You check the setting pressing Settings Icon > Metering Mode > Average

This will give you the evenest lighting during your recording.

Now you are ready to record some amazing footage!

Before starting recording check that the external battery is turned on, SD-card is formatted and metering is set to average.

Start recording

Attach to tripod

Whether you are using a tripod or the magic arm you should be able to attach the VEO camera to the tripod by clicking it on to the quick release system. Make sure it is securely fastened before progressing.

Start recording

To start your recording first long-press on both to turn them on. Then simultaneously short-press on both action cameras to start recording. Visually check that the recording has started either by the running timer on the viewfinder or the flashing red light. Then safely put the lid on top of the camera and elevate the tripod to its highest position. If necessary turn tripod slightly until, it aligns nicely with the half-way line.

How to make successful recordings

  • Make sure that the tripod is placed 3-4 meters back from the sideline
  • Make sure that the camera aligns with the half-way line
  • Make sure that no objects interfering with the camera's view
  • Make sure that the pitch is well lit (Ideally in broad daylight )
  • Make sure nobody touches the tripod during recording¬†

If by accident somebody hits the tripod, maybe even the ball, adjust the tripod back to its original recording position and proceed. 

After recording

When the match has ended, you can lower the tripod, take off the lid and stop the recording by short-pressing both cameras simultaneously. Please note that the viewfinder can go into sleep-mode. If so short-press yet another time to stop the recording.

Now you can pack it up and go to the office to upload your recording.

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