Before starting your recording, there are some prerequisites you need to take in consideration. That will ensure you to get the best possible recording.

Playing field

The solution is optimised for regular 11-a-side football pitches. For full size 11 a-side pitches, FIFA defines median dimensions of 105 x 68m. Pitches might have different sizes, and we do support some variance.

If you're recording on other pitch sizes, we recommend you to choose these FIFA defined pitch sizes.

11-a-side: 105m x 68m

7/8-a-side: 68m x 52,5m

5-a-side: 40m x 30m

3-a-side: 21m x 13m

Tripod Positioning

It is important to align the tripod with the half-way line. When recording we want to capture everything that happens on the pitch. To make that happen, place the tripod 3-4 meter back from the sideline. Check that the tripod is in a stable position.

If you are in a stadium, you can use a magic arm. This will give you the possibility of getting higher up from the pitch a get a better recording. The same applies if you have a fence or a pole that you can attach the magic arm to. Either way, it is still important to be closely aligned with the half-way line. If not you should use a tripod. 

When using a tripod make sure to detach the pole top and apply the VEO pole top instead.


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