To start recording your own matches you need to get few very essential pieces of hardware ready.


This is the recording unit provided by VEO.

What's in the case:

  • VEO Camera (2 YI 4K action cameras and a camera casing)
  • External battery pack
  • Cables, Chargers etc
  • Quick Release adapter


We recommend two different solutions. 

Tripod solution - Manfrotto 111 BSU Cine Stand BK:
The most mobile and versatile solution would be using a tripod. While there are tripods that can be elevated higher we find this tripod to be the best fit. It can record from 380 cm and is very stable.

Magic Arm solution - Manfrotto 143A Magic Arm:
If you are in a stadium setup or have a fence or pole available an alternative solution to the tripod is using a magic arm. It can be locked in many different positions and can potentially record from higher levels than the tripod.


To upload recordings to the Veo AI Cloud Service you have to use our uploader app. We currently support Windows10 or higher. MacOS is not supported at this point.
Since we are dealing with two huge 4K camera feeds we do have some minimum requirements for the computer running the application.

Recommended Computer Specifications:

  • Operating System: Windows10 or higher
  • Processor/CPU: 
  • Graphics/GPU: 
  • RAM: Hard Drive:
  • Networking Hardware: 

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