To watch and interact with your recordings, go to VEO platform ( and log in with the username and password you set when activating your account.

You can watch the recording in 4 different views. To switch between different views, use the icons in the upper left corner of the VEO video player:

Broadcast view / Follow cam

Processed video, following the ball and action on the pitch. That is the view you know from watching TV. It will be available for you 24 or 48 hours after the upload is finished (depending on your subscription plan). Access it by clicking the leftmost icon in the top bar of the video player:

Panoramic view

It allows you to see the entire pitch in one shot. Access it by clicking second from the left icon:

Interactive view

Watch your match from any angle. Use the mouse to change the angle or zoom in to see a specific play in detail. Click on the third from the left icon to access the interactive view:

Interactive follow

If you'd like to use a broadcast / follow cam view as a base for interaction - changing the angles and zooming in - click the forth from the left icon:

To see how to mark highlights, click here: Mark highlights, tag players & comment and to see the editing options, click here: Edit the recording - settings explained.

Missing something? Please reach out to us with any ideas about other functionalities you'd like to see in the VEO platform. We'll be happy to have your feedback. Reach out to or start a conversation from the messenger in the bottom right corner.

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