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Mark highlights

Veo automatically marks goals and half-times as a highlight. You are able to mark your highlights as well.

Click "Mark highlight" next to the video of the match:

An overlay in the Veo video player will appear:

Choose whether you want the highlight to be private to the team (1.), tag a player (2.), choose the type of the highlight (3.) and write a comment (4.).

Click "Save" and the highlight will appear next to the video of the match.

Tag a player

To tag a player simply choose a player in a drop-down when marking a highlight:

Choose the type of a highlight

By clicking the arrows in the Choose tag field, the drop-down menu will appear and allow you to specify the type of a highlight. You can choose among: Highlight, Half start, Half end, Attack, Defence, Freekick, Penalty kick, Corner, Shot on goal, Goal, Red card and Yellow card. 

Write comment(s)

To write a comment, use the field on the right part of the overlay, when marking a highlight:

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